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Knights of Columbus  
Knights of Columbus
St. Ambrose

Council 11801 Information
Council 11801 is part of St. Ambrose Parish Church in Garrettsville. You can contact the Knights by email at kofc11801@outlook.com.

2015 Officers

Grand Knight: Bob May
Deputy Grand Knight: David Vincent
Chaplain:  Fr. Steve Zeigler
Chancellor:  Matt Ryser
Recorder:  John McCarty
Treasurer:  Gary Becks
Financial Secretary:  Dan Huzl
Advocate:  Clayton Struthers
Warden:  Jim Hammar
Inside Guard:  Kevin Painley
Outside Guard:  Orville Riffle
3rd Year Trustee:  Norm Fashing
2nd Year Trustee:  Frank Richnavsky
1st Year Trustee:  Jim Novak

Who are the Knights?
The Knights of Columbus is the world's largest Catholic family fraternal service organization with 1.6 million members. It provides members and their families with volunteer opportunities in service to the Catholic Church, their communities, families and young people.

Membership Benefits
As a member of the Knights of Columbus you and your family enjoy many benefits, including 12 free issues annually of the Columbia magazine, the world's largest Catholic family magazine, eligibility to join the Knights of Columbus top-ranked life insurance program, and many more family and personal benefits.

How to Join
Membership in the Knights of Columbus is open to practicing Catholic men in union with the Holy See, who are at least 18 years old. A practicing Catholic is one who lives up to the Commandments of God and the precepts of the Church. Application blanks are available from any member of the Knights of Columbus.

Contact the church office or the Knights by email for details about joining our council as a new member.

Fourth Degree4th Degree Emblem 
The primary purpose of the Fourth Degree is to foster the spirit of patriotism by promoting responsible citizenship and a love of and loyalty to the Knights' respective countries through active membership in local Fourth Degree groups (called "Assemblies").

Certain members of the Fourth Degree serve as honor guards at civic and religious functions, an activity that has brought worldwide recognition to the Knights of Columbus.

Any Third Degree member in good standing, one year after the anniversary of his First Degree, is eligible for membership in the Fourth Degree.

Council Meetings

Business: The second Monday of each Month at 7:30 in the church hall.

Social: The fourth Monday of each Month at 7:30 in the church hall.

Please check the most recent bulletin or the monthly newsletter for time/date changes.


Knights of Columbus Fundraiser

On selected weekends and weekdays, the St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus is hosting a charity fundraiser through Cal's restaurant in Garrettsville. The program benefits the K of C/Charles Abraham Scholarship fund and Garrettsville-Nelson Food Shelf. Check the bulletin for dates, and then download and print a copy of the Cal's flyer and present it to the restaurant. Flyers are also available in the church vestibule.
Download & Print: Cal's Flyer

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